How it works...

How it works...


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Monday evening or Tuesday morning deliver
We’ll communicate based on route


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Enjoy Life
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Choose a meal plan

Choose a meal plan


meals per week

One weekly delivery / local pick up


meals per week

One weekly delivery / local pick up


meals per week

One weekly delivery / local pick up

12 +

meals per week

One weekly delivery / local pick up

Build your own meal

Build your own meal

Custom Meals

Build your meal with the proteins and sides that meet your needs.

Weekly Meal Plans FAQ

Weekly Meal Plans FAQ


Where can I find detailed nutritional information regarding each meal?

-They’ll be provided once we finish our VIP KiZE Meals test phase and finalize all recipes, etc. You can have confidence in everything being the same high-quality standards we have at KiZE. Cals between 250-500, with about 20g High-Quality Protein.

What is the shelf-life of these meals?

-With proper refrigeration all should be good between 5-7 days, some longer…. Personal preference varies!

What are the heating/preparation instructions?

-There will be instructions on with your meals but basically: take off the lid, remove mini-containers (if any), and pop it in the microwave. Most meals range between 1-1:30min…microwave strength varies. Start with 45 seconds to 1 min and add 30 second increments to find your preferred temperature. For a steaming effect try removing the lid and added a damp paper towel.

Still in the process of testing this as well but don’t see it much different than a typical frozen product…. Thaw it out and eat it up!

Recycling program for containers?
We’re still testing this and finding the best way to go forward!


How do I make modifications to my order?

-Please use the Modification buttons on the Meal Detail screen to add or remove options.

How do I make custom Notes/Comments regarding my order?

-There is an “Add Additional Notes” field in the Checkout screen.

My order total seems off?

-Please make sure your quantity of each item is correct. If you’re attempting to add multiple orders of the same meal, please note that it will double the exact order when you input “2” as your quantity. To add a second meal (but with a different modification or with/without a KiZE Bar), you will need to go back and add a new version of the meal to your cart (thus, we recommend adding meals to your cart in quantities of 1 if you would like to make distinct modifications to your orders).

Minimum orders?

-No minimums currently for pick-up. Delivery will have a certain minimum order once we finalize the process.


Where do I choose the Delivery method?

-Shipping (Delivery) or Pickup options are selected on the Cart – Order Overview screen. Click on “Shipping” and select “Pickup” to change.

How is Delivery determined?

-Pickup is free! Delivery charge based on zip code and distance from our facility KiZE.

When do I need to get my order in?

-You can order any time during the week. We order ingredients as needed for orders to maximize quality and freshness. Ideally we like by Friday afternoon but can take through Sunday evening.

When will my order be delivered?

-Orders will be delivered Monday or Tuesday of each week. Please note specific best times. A team member will contact you to confirm/coordinate drop-off based on our schedules. We often don’t know til delivery day we’ll email, text, or call you.

What if I’m not home?

-Leaving an ice chest on porch is preferred. If temperature is cold enough and will be getting it within a certain time we will drop. If not, we can look at alternative drop locations – office, gym/health club, etc – if don’t have one.… pick-up is always an option when can’t get perfectly timed. We’re also looking at getting insulated bags with cold packs in the future.

Can I have it delivered to my office?

-Of course – saves you a step from bringing them from home and let’s your co-workers see how you’re being and eating great! Offices, especially in downtown or North OKC are a great way to lower delivery cost as well.

I am not located in Oklahoma City, can I still get it delivered?

-Our current focus is on the OKC Metro but we will have capability to deliver to Tulsa & Stillwater as well. Special arrangements can be made for other locations in Oklahoma – we’ll find a way to fuel your best! Please contact to discuss.

When can I pick up my order?

-4:30pm-5:30pm on Monday evenings or Tuesday 8am-5pm typically at 1740 W. Main Street in OKC. We can arrange after-hour pick-up locations. Please contact so can coordinate.